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    Helping You Regain Peace of Mind.

    The burden of having tax problems is difficult to bear, but WatchGuard is here to help. WatchGuard Tax Service is an affordable way for you to obtain information about your tax matter and discuss a plan to resolve it. The IRS and State taxing authorities can impose penalties and interest, as well as file liens and levies against your wages, bank account, and property. Many taxpayers do not want to face this alone. That is why we have developed a unique, client centric approach to taxpayer representation.

    WatchGuard Tax Service is a complete package of services established to help you from the beginning to the end of your representation before the IRS and State taxing authority.

    WatchGuard Tax Services include:

    WatchGuard Protection

    WatchGuard Protection

    Have an URGENT deadline with the IRS or the State taxing authority?  If your situation qualifies, WatchGuard Protection can place a call to the IRS or State tax authority to advise them you are seeking representation and make best efforts to negotiate an extension.  WatchGuard Protection means from now on, you never have to speak to the IRS or State again.  If you receive calls or written notices from the IRS or State, return correspondence will be made on your behalf.  WatchGuard Protection is a free service offered to ensure you receive the help you want to regain your peace of mind.

    WatchGuard Initial Consultations

    WatchGuard Initial Consultation

    You will receive a FREE face-to-face consultation. Your consultation can be in person or via videoconference. Due to COVID-19, in-person meetings may be limited. We also offer telephonic consultations, if preferred.  During your consultation, we will discuss a plan that specifically fits your case.

    WatchGuard Representation Services:

    Not everybody needs to a hire a tax representative.

    If it is mutually decided that you need professional tax representation, then WatchGuard Representation has you covered.

    If not, feel free to walk away with the knowledge your analyst has given you at no charge at all.

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    Services covered by WatchGuard Representation include:

    Levies, Garnishments, Liens, and Seizures;
    Payroll Tax Issues;
    Sales Tax Issues;
    Innocent Spouse;
    And many more administrative matters.

    WatchGuard Tax Services is a complete package of services established to help you from the beginning to the end of your representation before the IRS and State taxing authority.

    You need help to get out of this situation so you can be back on your feet. Before paying anyone else, see how WatchGuard can help your situation.

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