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Tax liability for married or recently divorced couples is often shared equally, regardless of which spouse (or ex-spouse) is more responsible for the creation of the problem in the first place.  

Sometimes one spouse is completely unaware of the existence of a tax issue, or signed the return under duress (including instances of abuse and financial control). The IRS provides several options for relief in these situations, commonly referred to as “Innocent Spouse.”

In these cases, responsibility can be separated, allowing one spouse to have a reduced share of the liability—perhaps removing one spouse’s liability altogether.  If a spouse has been removed from responsibility, he/she may even receive tax refunds.

All things being equal, the IRS would rather be able to collect tax liabilities from both spouses, so Innocent Spouse requests are held to strict standards and review, as well as a short time window for application.

It is important to act quickly and to submit well-written and well-documented applications when pursuing Innocent Spouse relief.  Contact WatchGuard today to schedule a free consultation in which you can learn more about Innocent Spouse Relief, as well as other options that may help you with your tax issue.

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