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Easily the most famous of all tax resolution options, the IRS Offer in Compromise (OIC) has truly life-changing possibility. Often referred to as “Fresh Start,” an OIC is a way of making an offer as low as one dollar to settle an entire outstanding tax liability. (Many states offer similar programs, though each of these has its own requirements and review process.)

There are technically three different ways to be granted relief through an OIC, depending on your circumstances:

  1. Doubt as to Collectability: You are unable to pay your outstanding tax liability, now or in the foreseeable future.
  2. Effective Tax Administration: You can technically pay what is owed, but doing so would cause hardship or financial instability; or other reasonable cause to settle.
  3. Doubt as to Liability: You believe, and can demonstrate, that you don’t truly owe what the IRS is demanding.

This is not an easy process. The IRS applies intense scrutiny to these submissions, as do the state tax authorities. Many offers are rejected—sometimes even well-written, well-researched, seemingly solid offers. The documentation and negotiation skills required can cause many taxpayers to give up well before the finish line.  

The years of experience and expertise provided by an elite tax representative can make all the difference in guiding an OIC to acceptance, giving you the Fresh Start you need.

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