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Some businesses will face tax issues they need assistance in resolving.

Two of the most common issues are payroll and sales tax issues.

As an employer, you are required to withhold and pay payroll taxes, commonly called FICA taxes, to the government. If you fail to do this, the IRS may proceed with enforced collection of these taxes. Failing to meet your payroll tax obligations is a serious offense.  The IRS considers this theft.

Failing to properly pay withholding taxes may result in the IRS holding you personally liable.

Sales tax is assessed by the state(s) in which you operate.  As a business, you are required to collect and pay these taxes to the state. With limited budgets, states can be extremely aggressive in collection of unpaid sales tax liabilities.

Payroll and sales tax liabilities are some of the most serious types of taxes that you can owe. If you have a payroll or sales tax issues, it may be in your best interests to seek the services of a competent tax representative to help protect you from aggressive collection actions.

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