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Employee Retention Credit Issues


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Did you receive the Employee Retention Credit and now the IRS wants it back? If so, we can help.

Many taxpayers applied for and received this credit from the IRS, but just because the IRS issued the credit payment does not mean the taxpayer was qualified.  Now, the IRS is auditing this credit and requesting it back from unsuspecting taxpayers.  As part of our representation, we can review what the IRS has done to determine if they are right or wrong.  If the IRS has erred in asking for its money back, we can present your case to them to have their decision reversed.  If, in fact, you received the credit and did not qualify, we can assist you with options find the best resolution including reductions in the amount you must pay back to the IRS.

Our professionals have decades of experience representing taxpayers before the IRS and we can help you.  We know this matter is important to you and your business.  Contact us today to discuss the details of your situation and receive a free consultation.  The passage of time will only make matters worse.

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